IndividualDisplacements.jl computes elementary point displacements over gridded domains. Inter-operability with global climate model output (on Arakawa C-grids in general) that can be represented via MeshArrays.jl (see these docs) is a central goal of IndividualDisplacements.jl.

The initial example suite relies on gridded ocean transports estimated in OCCA (Forget 2010), ECCOv4 (Forget et al. 2015), and CBIOMES (Forget, 2018). For the Atmosphere, an additional example based on an idealized model simulation is provided in MITgcmTools.jl.

Typical applications include the simulation and analysis of materials moving through atmospheric flows (e.g. dust or chemicals) or oceanic flows (e.g. plastics or planktons). An illustration of the type of observations that IndividualDisplacements.jl can simulate is provided below. These data collected by Ocean Drifting Buoy can be accessed via OceanRobots.jl.

Global Drifter Program data