Merging ClimGrid type

Sometimes, the timeseries are split among multiple files (e.g. climate models outputs). To obtain the complete timeseries, you can merge 2 ClimGrid. The method is based on AxisArrays merging method and is overloaded for the ClimGrid type.

C = merge(C1::ClimGrid, C2::ClimGrid)

To merge multiple ClimGrid form an array of files, load has a method that accepts an array of files to merge.


Basic statistical functions are overloaded on ClimGrid.

mean minimum maximum std var

Basic arithmetic operators are also loaded.

D = C + 2.0 # will add 2.0 to all elements of C
D = C::ClimGrid - A::ClimGrid # subtract A from C (useful for climatological difference between a future and historical period
D = C / A # Ratio of 2 ClimGrids


Exporting a ClimGrid to disk to a netCDF format can be done with the write functiond.

write(C::ClimGrid, filename::String)